What is acupuncture?
Acupuncture is a branch de of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), founded on a holistic and energetic approach. The basic acupuncture technique consists of inserting very fine needles on the specific energetic points, according to the patient’s profile or the region to be treated. The practice of acupuncture includes not only needles but also: moxibustion, cupping, electric stimulation etc.

Is acupuncture painful?
No, the acupuncture needles don’t hurt. Usually, we compare the sensation to a mosquito bite.

Are the needles disposable?
Yes. In our clinic, all the needles are disposable. We only use them once. There is no risk of contamination.

What should I expect on my first visit?
Upon your first visit, The acupuncturist establishes a diagnosis following a detailed interview with the patient and by palpation of the pulse and observation of the tongue. According to the diagnostic framework of Traditional Chinese Medicine, described as the four examinations. These include: observation, listening and smelling, questioning, and palpitation . Once the diagnosis is complete, the practitioner will do the treatment on the selected points for your condition.

How long is one session of acupuncture in your clinic?
In our clinic the first visit (consultation and treatment) takes 1hour – 1hour and half according to the case. Follow-up : around 1 hour.

How many treatments does it take?
It depends on the severity and chronicity of the problem or disease, and on the patient’s vitality. The acupuncturist will be able to specify the number and frequency of treatments after the first consultation.

Can children receive acupuncture?
Yes, children can receive acupuncture and often have excellent results with this treatment. However, in cases where the children are uneasy about the needles, a practitioner may choose to use an treatment without needles.

The principle of acupuncture
In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), The body is considered as a cradle for vital energies. If these energies are imbalanced, the health problems or the diseases may occur.
Acupuncture can help to balance these energies in order to protect the body from diverse pathologies and also treat the problem. It maintains the essential balance or establish the new balance.

The benefits of acupuncture
Based on thousands years of practice, acupuncture has been proved for a large range of health problems. It is very important to explain that Traditional Chinese Medicine consider body and mind of a human being as a “one”. Thanks to the modern technology, new medical discoveries and multiple scientific researches, we can explain the acupuncture effects are through the interaction of many biologic systems, such as nervous system, vascular system, immune system, endocrine system…

Basic Traditional Chinese Medical Principles
The underlying basis of TCM is that all of creation is born from the interdependence of two opposite principles, yin and yang. These two opposites are in constant motion, creating a fluctuating balance in the healthy body. Disease results when either yin or yang is in a state of prolonged excess or deficiency.

Does Traditional Chinese Medicine include diet and exercise?
TCM represents a system of medicine that includes acupuncture, herbs, massage, diet and exercise therapy