Acupuncture Li in Laval is dedicated to taking care of your well-being and better-being. Our Clientele is mainly from the North Shore and other Greater Montreal areas.
We have been practicing the Traditional Chinese Medicine based acupuncture for various kinds of pain, fatigue, many kinds of nervous system disoders, trouble sleeping,infertility, menopause, digestive problems, sports injuries, allergies, face lifting, comlementary help in cancer treatmnet and even more.
With all the comprehensive study,training and clinical experience in both China and Canada,we are glad to provide this holistic custom made health care to you.


Acupuncture(針灸) is one of the oldest forms of healing art known to mankind.It's one of the main branches of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Acupuncture is a practice of insertion of needles into specific exterior body locations to relieve pain, to induce biological changes, and for therapeutic purposes.

Acupuncture points are located and joined together in “channels” or “meridians”, along which Qi (氣vital energy) flows. The points used in treatment are carefully chosen by acupuncturist to disperse any blockages or to tonify any deficiency and to bring the patient's Qi into balance. Even though you cannot see it, an invisible network of energy connects each part of your body in an orderly way to promote proper function and growth and, when necessary, healing and restoration. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) your body's energy moves along meridians and they are the foundation of how acupuncture works.